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HAMBURG INDEX - Containership Time-Charter-Rates

Hamburg Index (January 2013)

Well over 50% of the entire worldwide fleet of container vessels is operated from Germany or by international companies that are mainly in German ownership. This fleet, and also some of the international container vessel tonnage, is almost exclusively or to a large extent brokered by freight brokers based in Hamburg. That makes Hamburg the worlds largest container ship time-charter market. Hamburg brokers control some 75% of all container ship charter tonnage available in the free market.

The Hamburg Shipbrokers Association (VHSS) has developed the HAMBURG INDEX Containership Time-Charter Rates. This is the only company-independent market analysis of container ship time-charter rates. It is based on the broad data base of some 20-30 Hamburg freight brokers, and gives a realistic picture of the market for selected vessel types.

The following vessel typs are being analysed:


The presentation is published at the beginning of each month, to give Hamburg shipbrokers a set of tools for marketing and image promotion, without in any way restricting the role of the individual freight brokers. On the contrary, it is intended to provide objective data so that individual brokers can make their own forecasts and estimates for their customers.

Source: Vereinigung Hamburger Schiffsmakler und Schiffsagenten e.V.

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